Agrimine 2,4 D 720SL

Chemical Class: Chlorophenoxy Compounds
Common Chemical Name: 2,4 D Amine salt
Functional Class: Herbicide

Swallowed: Harmful if swallowed. Acute oral LD50 for 2,4-D ranges from 375 to 666 mg/kg.
Ingestion may cause irritation of the mouth, throat and stomach causing nausea, vomiting, sweating, headaches, muscle soreness, abdominal pain and loss of coordination.
Eye: This product may cause eye irritation. Symptoms may include stinging and reddening of eyes and watering. If exposure is brief, symptoms should disappear once exposure has ceased.
Skin: May cause mild irritation of the skin, but unlikely to be sensitising. A single prolonged exposure may result in material being absorbed in large amounts.
Inhaled: Harmful by inhalation, and is an inhalation irritant. Symptoms may include headache, irritation of nose and throat and increased secretion of mucous in the nose and throat. Other symptoms may also become evident, but they should disappear after exposure has ceased.

Basic first aid:
If swallowed:Do not induce vomiting. Rush the person to hospital. Do not give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.
In case of skin contact:Wash thoroughly with plenty of soap and water
If inhaled: Immediately move the patient to fresh air and get medical attention
If on the eyes:Flush with plenty of clean water and seek medical attention

Notice to the doctor:
No specific antidote
Treat symptomatically
Contains petroleum distillates that may cause chemical pneumonia if aspirated during gastric lavage without endotracheal intubation

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