Duodip 55%EC

Chemical Class: Organophosphate and Pyrethrin and Pyrethroid
Common Chemical Name: Chlorpyrifos and Cypermethrin
Functional Class: Acaricide

Acute toxicity: Based largely or completely on information for similar material(s). Ingestion Single dose oral toxicity is considered to be moderate. The estimated oral LD50 for rats is >200mg/kg, <2000mg/kg. Skin Contact: The estimated dermal LD50 for rats is >2000mg/kg. A single prolonged exposure is not likely to result in the material being absorbed through skin in harmful amounts. Short single exposure may cause skin irritation.
Sensitisation: Non-sensitising to guinea pig skin.
Eye Contact: May cause severe irritation with corneal injury which may result in permanent impairment of vision, even blindness.
Inhalation: No adverse effects anticipated by this route of exposure, but excessive exposure should be avoided.
Other Information: Excessive exposure may cause organophosphate type cholinesterase inhibition.

Basic First Aid:
• Contact with skin: wash splashes of concentrate from the skin immediately with plenty of water
• Contact with eyes: if splashed into eyes rinse with plenty of water and seek medical attention
• If swallowed: rinse out the mouth and give plenty of water and seek medical attention. Remove heavily contaminated clothing and wash off before re use

Notice to Doctor:
• If ingested, perform gastric lavage but endotracheal and esophagioscopic control is advised.
• Activated charcoal may be useful in reducing further absorption
• Administer atropine injection antidote in conjunction with oximes such as 2-PAM
• Treat symptomatically and supportively such as establishing an open airway.
• Administer diazepam to control hyperexcitability and convulsions

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