Chemical Class: Pyrethrin & Pyrethroids
Common Chemical Name: Cypermethrin
Functional Class: Acaricide

Eye Contact: May be mildly irritating to the eyes, excessive tearing may be a result.
Skin Contact: The most likely route of entry. May produce skin sensations such a numbing, burning or tingling. These are reversible within 12 hours.
Ingestion: Contact a physician if material is ingested.
Inhalation: Contact a physician if material is inhaled and breathing is difficult.

Basic First Aid:
• If poisoning is suspected stop work immediately and seek medical attention
• Check for any signs of distress
• Remove the patent from area of contamination
• If clothing is contaminated, remove it.
• If in the eyes, rinse immediately with a lot of clean water for at least 10minutes.
• In case of skin contact, wash thoroughly with water.
• If inhaled, move the patient to fresh air and get medical attention.
• If swallowed, medical attention should be sought immediately.

Notice to Doctor:
This product has moderate oral and low dermal and inhalation toxicity.
It is expected to be mildly irritating to the eyes and skin. Reversible skin sensations (paresthesia) may occur and ordinary skin salves have been found useful in reducing discomfort.
Do not administer milk, cream or other substances that contain vegetable or animal fats, as they enhance absorption.
Central nervous system stimulation should be controlled with sedation by, e.g. barbiturates.
Contains aromatic hydrocarbons that may produce a severe pneumonitis is aspirated during vomiting.
Consideration should be given to gastric lavage with an endotracheal tube in place.
Treatment is otherwise controlled removal of exposure followed by symptomatic and supportive care.

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