Herbikill 20 SL

Common Chemical Name: Paraguat
Functional Class: Herbicide

Harmful if swallowed.
Harmful in contact with skin. Causes ski irritation.
Causes serious eye damage.
Fatal if inhaled.
May cause respiratory irritation.
Causes damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure

Basic first aid:
• Eye contact: flush immediately with plenty of water for minutes
• Skin contact: remove contaminated clothing; wash skin with soap and plenty of water
• Inhalation: move patient to fresh air
• If swallowed: induce vomiting by inserting a finger at the back of the throat of the victim, then administer fluids before the poisoning
Prompt symptomatic treatment is essential
There is no known antidote
Wash out the stomach content until the gastric fluid is clear
Test urine and clear gastric aspirate for paraquat
Administer either activated charcoal-100g for adults or 2g/kg body weight in children or Give up to 1L of 15g/100ml water susp of Fullers earth orally or via gastric tube together with a suitable purgative such as 200ml of aqueous mannitol.
Repeat administration of adsorbent plus purgative until the adsorbent is seen in the stool, possibly after 4-6 hrs after administration
Do not use supplemental oxygen

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