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Chemical Class:Inorganic phosphide
Common Chemical Name: Zinc phosphide
Functional Class: Rodenticide

Zinc phosphide is absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract or by inhalation of dust or liberated phosphine gas. Not absorbed through intact skin

Basic first aid:
if poisoning is suspected, stop work immediately and check for any signs of distress.
if swallowed , induce vomiting if the person is conscious. complete rest and quite is indicated
in case of contact with skin, wash thoroughly withplenty of water. remove the person fro the area of contamination, then remove contaminated clothing immediately and wash the skin with plenty of water.
in case of contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water for atleast 10 min
if inhaled, move the patient to fresh air and get medical attention

Notice to the doctor:
There is no specific antidote
Treatment is symptomatic
After vomiting, perform gastric lavage with 2-4 L of water.
Administer a non-oily purgative to clear Zinc phosphide particles from the GIT correct fluid and electrolyte balance
Suggested treatments: 0.5mg copper sulphate as 1% aqueous solution in the lavage fluid to precipitate the phosphide;1 in 1000 potassium permanganate solution which oxidizes the phosphide

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